Document your constructions using a mobile phone.

MawisPhoto is a modern electronic service enabling you to document your constructions by means of 3D models.

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Why MawisPhoto

Keeping Track & Availability

Through your company that you set up in the application, you can create individual constructions and documentation. Thus you have everything available under one roof and the documentation is always at hand when needed.

Organization & Control

Thanks to the designed hierarchy of rights and roles, you will easily master the project management of your construction documentation. The system will ensure efficient planning and deployment of human resources. The check of the assigned tasks is very simple.

Cooperation & Communication

Documentation is usually the product of cooperation of several people. MawisPhoto can interconnect them all at the right moment and facilitate their cooperation. Thus the mutual communication is much more effective as well.

Data & Accuracy

When creating construction documentation, you can acquire data in accuracy class III, of which you can later create the resulting 3D model in the coordinate system, accurate enough for the creation of the construction as-built documentation.

Easy to Use

MawisPhoto is an application based on a user-friendly interface to be run in a web browser or on your smartphone/tablet. Thus you can have everything available on-line.

Fair Price & Benefits

Thanks to the elaborated innovative method of construction documentation creation, we can offer what used to be unimaginable. The organization, cooperation, control and easy acquisition of full-scale 3D data for a reasonable price.

How Does It Work?

Web Application

The web application provides a friendly user interface. After logging in, the user can create, manage and/or assign individual constructions, their parts, documentation and photographic documentation. Naturally, it also includes an integrated 3D viewer where you can view the processed 3D models and measure the coordinates (x, y, z), distances, areas and volumes on them.

Mobile Application

The main purpose of the mobile application is to take a video needed for the calculation of the 3D model, make images of passpoints (as the basis for the geodetic survey) and make photographic documentation of significant construction objects. The use of a mobile device also enables the capturing of the current position using GPS. The acquired data are encrypted and sent to the server.




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Photographic documentation
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Take a Look into MawisPhoto

Introduction to the Application

Get acquainted with the web and mobile application and learn how to document constructions through 3D models.

Field Video Demo

Video demo of the documentation of a construction using the mobile application in the field, including sending and viewing data.

3D Model of Pole Feet

Visualisation of the 3D mesh of the created pole feet models with the possibility to measure volumes.